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 It's 10 years since CTP moved into the market. Today we estimate that around 16% of all printers in the major european countries are applying this technology. Amongst those are now more than a hundred print-shops, which I've consulted with their CtP introduction, the choice of the most apropriate workflow and the necessary amount of training for the prepress people. I've helped the shops to prepare the whole organisational and digital infrastructure needed for a successful application of CTP.
Even today the CTP market is somewhat confusing and to make the right choice seems still not easy, as three rather different technologies (CtcP, thermal and violett) are competing.. When you make the choice for a system and a vendor it's not only a question of the imaging technology and the appropriate plate, but also what you have to pay to drive CTP for the following years. Looking at a period of 3-4 years these costs are higher than the initial price you paid for the system and they are therefore at least of the same importance. When I consult a shop, I provide a complete technology check list, an investment check list and additional information on service and supply cost.s. We also support shops by making an exact comparison on all offers, we help to save money for superflous components, but we also add missing equipments and alter wrong configurations. Thus we provide to avoid surprises once the systems's up and running. For those who prefer to be on the safe side, whe elaborate a complete sales contract, which protects against any aftersales surprises, assure delivery dates and correct system specifiations.
Since we know exactly what's running in the market and since we know the economics of CTP. I'm able able to offer a consultancy which saves at least twice as much as it costs.

I'm now in the CTP market for more than ten years and with such a long standing in a specific market, dealers , vendors and anyone interested in CTP tend to discuss current and future developments with me. I consult them on what I see in the market, what my customers think of it and what I feel to be appropiate for future developments. I combine this expertise with that of all elements of digital workflow and – more and more important – the JDF based integration of the CTP production.



The Chinese are coming (to the offset plate market). Are you ready?


Voltlage, Germany, November 8, 2008. You may have noticed that Chinese plates are beginning to appear on international markets. Perhaps you have seen companies like the curiously-named 2nd Film Factory of Lucky Group exhibiting their wares at big trade shows.


But how well-informed are you about these new plate sources? You can find out what you need to know from a new report: “The Chinese Are Coming! Will suppliers from the Far East take over the market for offset plates?” It digs into the details and presents a wealth of data about the suppliers and their plates. You might be surprised at the answers it provides to some basic questions:


  •  How many Asian vendors are active in international markets? (Answer: There are more than a dozen.)
  •  Do they only make traditional analog plates? (Answer: They also make some of the world’s most sophisticated CTP plates, including the world’s first commercial switchable-polymer plate.)
  • How much capacity do they have? (Answer: They already have more than 20% of the world’s plate manufacturing capacity, and the percentage is growing.)
  • Are their prices low? (Answer: Yes—in many cases, remarkably low.)


    The report provides detailed answers to these and many other questions about Asian plates, their suppliers, their sales channels, and the impact they are beginning to have on the market. Written by Michael Mittelhaus, Europe’s leading CTP analyst, the report is based on in-depth interviews (many of them conducted at Drupa) with Chinese plate suppliers. It includes a table overview of all Chinese supppliers, all URLīs of their websites plus detailed contact information.


    If you are involved with plate manufacturing and sales, CTP systems, or high-volume printing, you need the information contained in this report. Available at a price of $425 (or 295 Euros) this 61-page report describes the biggest changes to hit the plate market since the arrival of CTP, and much of the information is available nowhere else.


    To purchase the report just drop us an E-Mail, for further information see the table of contents here.



  • REM image of a CTP plate

    CtP at DRUPA 2004
    A strategic change
    (PDF, 44 KB)

    CTP 2009 - 20 years of CTP
    (PDF, 667 KB)


    The Chinese Are Coming! Table of content

    (PDF, 139 KB)